Connecting Cloud, CRM, ERP & Voice

We design, create and support solutions in AWS and connect Salesforce, Oracle, Odoo and B2B/B2C apps into wider ecosystems.
Contact Centers built and managed
with Amazon Connect, Twilio and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice.

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Call Centers, Telco, Chat
We enjoy connecting customers on multiple channels like voice, SMS and chat and build our solutions in Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, Amazon Connect, Amazon Pinpoint and Twilio.
ERP Frontend solutions
Business Logic inside existing ERPs is often absolutely fine, but vendors want to move you to their cloud solution and have stopped enhancing their frontends many years ago. We can create user-friendly, efficient frontend solutions while keeping the backend doing what it does best.
API / System Integration
EDI, SOAP, XML, REST, GraphQL - we've got you covered regardless how exciting or ancient the integration requirements are.
We build on Oracle, Postgres, Yugabyte and DynamoDB.
ERP Support
We support all releases of Oracle E-Business suite and Odoo.

We deliver implementation, business analysis, project management, training, technical development, data migration and ongoing support.
Cloud Operations
We'd love to take on your challenges in AWS and Oracle Cloud.

Give use your use case, be it serverless, servers, managed databases or specialist/niche services and we will come up with a solution design.
Tailored solutions can be provided in Javascript, PL/SQL and Python.
Business Intelligence
Talk to us about using Open Source for Business Intelligence. We support Redash and Superset.
Oracle APEX
We have extensive experience in creating front-ends in Oracle APEX, including complex E-Business Suite solutions.

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